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bunnyblood2 (profile) wrote,
on 11-19-2003 at 3:00pm
Current mood: Raging Angry (but calm as a dove)
Music: Angry Music-ANY!!!!
Subject: !!@*&%$^$#&*!!!!
Oh Jeezus FUCKING crust.......I am so angry right now. No one would believe me if I said so......cuz I'm just kinda sittin here calmly typing with my shirt off. (It helps me calm down). Oh god I wish Tom was here.... he would calm me down.

Ugh.....where to start?? Today was just a gruesome day. Ten more minutes of no power and we would have got out of school...WHAT THE FUCK???? Stupid electricity. I felt like going outside, strapping a wet sponge onto a squirrels head and launching it into the power lines. But that probably would have made me even more sad. Then one of my good friends was sad today, that made me sad as well. I get sad when other people are's a curse. All I want is for other people I care about to be happy. And he wasn't happy...........then I asked him if I ever made him happy and he said no. Something along the lines of that......I don't remember exactly because I can't think right now. Everything is so messed up. I'm never gonna finish my tessilation in drawing class........nor my soap stone piece in sculpture. I just can't bring myself to think of anything. At all.

And it sucks so much because that's usually what I do best is think. When I have a long period of time to do it in, that is, because I'm really slow.

God dammit my computer screen is so fucking dirty from all this cigarette smoke buildup on it........which I QUIT by the way, thank you very much. I think I could use one right now though. Doesn't matter anyway cuz there's none here. and I probably wouldn't even if there was some.........SEE?!??! I no think straight!! I don't even know what I'm saying right now!

And on top of all that Coach K. is on my ass about making up all the classes I've missed. I think I've missed like four or five days so far. That equals out to about ten pages worth of writting about SPORTS!! I hate sports!! I don't wanna do that shit! If I fail 11th grade gym again I'm gonna jump out in front of a car.......that's a familiar feeling......shouldn't be that bad the second time........especially if I make it count.

I'm just gonna have to draw my heart out to settle this shitty feeling with myself. I don't like myself very much. I hate people. At some point or another someone gives me a reason to hate them. Why? I don't like to hate people. But people love to be an asshole to me. Like I wouldn't care. I have feelings.......but nobody seems to acknowledge that fact.

On a lighter first issue of Neopets Magazine came today. But no Aisha plushie they promised me. Oh. I wanted that. I probably have to send away for it or something. Bastards.

You know what else sucks? I HAVE TO GO TO WORK TODAY!! God I hate that place so much! Not the place itself......but the people in it. They're such assholes to me. Whenever I do something wrong they don't bother to tell me that I'm doing it wrong....they just keep getting pissed every time I don't do it right.....and then proceed to not tell me that they are mad at me! So I keep doing it wrong! It's a vicious cycle. I just feel like bitch-slapping those cunts every time I walk by them. Just casually walk by and *WHACK!!*, right across their stupid makeup covered faces. Maybe going to work today isn't a good idea. But I will anyway. Money is the only thing compelling me to go to that shit hole.

This has become too long already.......I'm gonna go get ready for work and hope I don't end up killing anybody today.
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