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tuwang (profile) wrote,
on 11-19-2003 at 6:51pm
so, I've read on it, and I'm finally pissed enough to take some time out of my life to bitch about it on my journal.

Reasons Mitch is a Hypocritical Bastard
(I'll be doing this maddox style, so Mitches nimwitted copying ass will get it)

1. Your plain and simply a Hypocrite. Hmmm, let's take a gander to the past entries in your journal:

November 16

god damn it.
Here's why all religions should be outlawed, and all deeply-religious people should be rounded up and put into death camps. Wait, did I say death camps? I meant happy camps!

Now if you believe that all the religious people should be rounded up and killed, based on the acts that were committed by the certain religious group that you continued to tell the story about in this post, then that would lead me to believe that you know all about every religious group. Do You mitch?:

This is a comment on that same journal entry in reply to one that was left by phil:

Re: religion
@ 11-16-03 10:06pm

I know very little about the Jewish religion

I guess not.

2. You say God Damn alot. For example:

-:: 2003 16 November :: 9.25 pm

god damn it.

Now tell me, if you don't believe in God, or a God in general, then why do you say this? If you don't believe God exists, then how is he supposed to damn it? Why are you calling upon someone to damn that you don't even think exists? Is damn even an action in which you can do to something? You obviously don't believe in hell, and in damning someone you are condemning them to hell. And surely you don't mean clog up a river.

3. You are a fucking clone of your environment. Choose it or not , you soak up witty banter from Penny Arcade and Maddox and use them against people. hmmm, let's see where this applies:

:: 2003 1 November :: 9.41 pm

New rules for emailing me:
-If it begins with "FWD:" I'll delete it on sight.
-If it's full of dumbass shit that you could tell or ask me any other time, I'll set fire to your mother and kill your dog.
-Don't send me any chainmail, unless it comes with a matching sword.
-I don't care if little Mike has cancer, I'm not gonna send a hundred e-mails to everyone I know becuase it's his one last wish. Fuck him.
-Before you send me an e-mail, think, "is this going to send Mitch one step closer to going on a shooting spree?" if the answer is yes, then don't send it. Think of the children!

gee, does this look familiar?
needless to say that maddox's post was months before mitch.

Not to mention you constantly quote Penny Arcade. You should hang out with Marty Bonomoni, you guys could quote the hell out of everything while you simoultaneously lick eachothers assholes. Well, I guess you like maddox because he likes to "stick it to the man" like you always say. Oh wait, that's ripped too...

4. :: 2003 8 November :: 11.09 pm

::07 Things That Annoy You::
1: Ignorance

5. Why do you quote the bible? As far as your concerned, you might as well wipe your ass with the bible. Therefore, what is the point in quoting it, even if you are using it against Jesus and God? Jesus and God are only made up according to you. Why are you Dissproving "imaginary" people with a Book that is untrue? Fucking Hypocrite.

6 You say I have a small penis... Theres a reason I call you a pussy bitch...

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