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gator4life97 (profile) wrote,
on 11-22-2003 at 3:03pm
Current mood: enthralled
Music: Runner Up- Wither Without You
Subject: ~I could drown in your eyes~
soo Dude...pretty sweet day so far...woke up at like was REAL nice being able to sleep in...probablly slept so late cause someone woke me up at 12:30AM-texting me cause he was bored...yea thanks jah-mez haha...We were supossed to go hit up some wake today but noo, dad decided he was gunna paint their room...I'm reall sorry Jah-Mez, one of these days were gunna be able to go-yea hopefully before the lake is sub zero! :) So mi madre and I went out shopping...dude so we have a maui nix and american eagle in the mall now...sweet...gotta a moose, wyoming shirt from AE...its adorable and also had to get my coffee...yummy hehe tonight mandy might come over and keep me company...woop woop We went to the play at Seabreeze last AMT is to see lots of people i havent seen in awhile...mrs. miklos was trying to get me to leave creek and go there...yeaa
well i have the pleasure of reading Farenheit 451...ohh joy <3
*running out of time...*
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