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Kandy (profile) wrote,
on 11-22-2003 at 8:43pm
Current mood: crushed
Music: Lonestar *Amazes Me*
wow... plans change again. At least Ally came over. *shrugs* at least something good went on in my day. But yeah. James wanted to go to a movie. Then Nolan's g/f *the couple we were going with* was grounded. So then since he didn't call me before work and i didn't call him *cause I thought he was supposed to call me* so he made plans to go to Joes. Then when I call and find it all out all he can really say is sorry. Which doesn't help any. I just felt like saying if your really sorry just go to a movie with me and I could take ya to Joes or something. or some shit like that. So I called Sammie hopeing to be able to do something with her..... but it didn't work out either. *sighs* I even got out early tonight and was extasic cause of it. cause I thought then we could spend more time together. but oh damn well. cest la vie right? that's life. *sighs* heh my parents came up with an amusing idea. since i had to feed my snakes tonight they said to name one James. lol. He also went to the movies last night with Coutney and he told me I couldn't go cause they don't really like me and he didn't want them mad. I know he realizes what it does to me when he does that. Not just because I get jealous but because I want to spend time with him and it's like he'd rather do something else. *shrugs* all he does is say sorry like it can change things. it doesn't. i know he usually feels bad about it but it doesn't change anything or make it any better. what would make it better is when he does have time, he should actually do something with me.but hell like that's gonna happen. oh well. at least woohu here is good for my venting. and at least i'm not crying anymore. *sighs* i did try to get ahold of Chris cause he's been a pretty good friend lately cause things just haven't been great in my life lately. But he was gone as well. All my good friends were. Sammie just couldn't hang around to talk or do anything. *sighs* alright well i'm gonna dissappear. A few of ya know how to find me..... ;) Adios..
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