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bunnyblood2 (profile) wrote,
on 11-23-2003 at 3:37pm
Current mood: EXTREMELY HAPPY!
Music: KoRn- Y'all Want A Single
Subject: Blooop!
Ha! Ha! Ha! So freakin happy I am! I'm in a much better state than I was a little while ago...that's for sure! Everything is resolved with Tom....Peachy keen and shit. I also got the new KoRn album.....sooo beautiful! I Love It! What the hell am I saying......I love everything about KoRn!!! And I also got a new shirt and some new socks, too! Socks make me happy! *smile* I got 2 pairs of kitty socks (one of them's sorta x-mas-y, but it's alright!) some plain black ones.....and a pair of SUPER FUZZY ones!! they're so fuzzy it's scary! The shirt is awesome it's leopard print (my fave-or-yte!) and velvetty soft. Velvet makes me happy. Ya know what else makes me happy? I saw the Jew yesterday! At the chinese restaurant! It was cool I haven't seen him in a long time!

And I also got sex after A WHOLE FRICKIN WEEK last night!! *SMILE*! Wow....things have taken a turn for the better all of a sudden. And it all happened after I made things better with what does that tell ya? I don't know exactly......but I love him anyway! So so so very much!

seems like everyone's getting hooked up lately. I just heard from Jon that he's dating a Stef chick from some far away land in Connecticut. Awesome....I'm really happy for him. Why don't Missy and Justin date? I don't get it. Meh.......not my business.

I need a new mouse......and keyboard. But I lost my money after coming back from.....*GASP!* I haven't told people yet! Ohh ooh ooh!! Must Tell!!

Friday night after getting out of work I went with John, Justin (not Kolosky), and Ron to what they told me was Hartford......but we ended up on the Berlin Turnpike because Justin couldn't read the directions. So we decided to make the best of it and we were looking for Club 2001. No luck in finding that place so we stopped to ask for directions at none other than a Gentlemen's Club. They informed us that it didn't exist anymore...we were like "great."

Justin and Ron were both over 18 and wanted to go into the gentlemen's club....leaving me and John (17) out in the car. John was like "fuck that!" and he dragged me in behind them. I kept saying "we're never gonna get in, we're never gonna get in..." to John and they just told me to keep cool and we'll see what happens. So Justin goes in first....he's like 21...and this big black guy bouncer type dude is like "I.D...." So Justin hands him his I.D. and keeps asking him "how much? how much?" all like confusing the guy and the guy's like "oh....uh....sixteen dollars each and five for the lady" So we're all scrambling with our money and we give it to the dude and he hands us each a ticket (I later learned it was for a free drink....but that was after we left) And we all walk in like holy-shit-I-can't-believe-that-worked stance and sat down at the center table thingy.

It was then that I noticed that there were naked girls dancing right in front of me....and I was like "oohhh....I get it.....Gentlemen's club.." It just didn't click in my mind until then. So the night's going on and there's so much girls are like coming up to me and playing with themselves right in my face and I though I was going to explode. Then I got to kiss one of them! She was wearing this BRIGHT red lipstick and it tasted funny.......didn't bother me too much though!!

Then there was this other girl there she was like a vampire dressed in black pleather and purple underwear with the makeup and everything. Now....listen to this......She was going crazy! So to speak. She was all climbing up the pole and sliding down it upside-down only holding onto it with her thighs/butt. Then she got up on the counter in front of these two guys and did a split right in front of them! (Now mind you that the table she did this on was only like a foot wide going around the whole dance floor) And while in the split she was all like moving her ass cheeks one at a time. It was awesome! I wanted to take her home!!

Oh god it was great!! I have to bring Tom next time!
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