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rice (profile) wrote,
on 11-28-2003 at :21pm
Current mood: okay
Music: it's beginning to looka lot like christmas...
Subject: -- double diaried --
hola! do i sound mexican? jk. yeah. i'm that stupid. anywayyysssss.... today is thanksgiving and it is a rather sad day. for today i know that i must wake up at 4am tomorrow to go to my minimum wage job at sears. how they ever became this insane is a mystery to me. so blah. dont want to go.. but cant call in sick. unless i'm really sick. which reminds me. i went out this morning to buy a bunch of stuff and i finally found a store that was opened ( no thanks to those fucking asshole picketing idiots ) at stater bros. and as i was walking down the aisle i pass some guy and he coughs right on my face. HELLO?! HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF COVERING YOUR MOUTH ASSHOLE? i shoulda said something but i didnt. so i'll probably be getting whatever he has soon. jerkoff.

bleh. whats up with the windows update craP? it's buggin. i'm trying to do stuff and it goes to that. yay. and i have to "update internet explorer" separately. so stupid. grrrrr...... i dunno. :P so i'll be sleeping early tonight. i'm tired. bleh. i have nothing to do right now. i should do sat crap but no. i'm lazy and too tired. i have one week. i'm probably going to go take it again in january which sucks. and it turns out my brother isnt going to grad school (just yet) because my parents cant afford it. :( i feel so bad for him. geez. our education system sucks. does it cost that much to allow a student to sit through classes? is air so expensive? geez. and it's bull shit that people get in on great scholarships just because of their race etc. it should be based purely on their academic performance. i dont understand how people can say that if theyre poor they can't do well in school. there aRE those people that lived in the dumps but tried hard and got into college fair and square. equal opportunity to go to school my ass. how is it equal if there are poor WHITE ASIAN ETC students that are just as poor not getting in cuz theyre not a true "minority." bullshit i say. geez. people really have a weird view of the world. and i HATE it when people say, well, if it helps me then whatever. ok.. DO YOU HAVE NO ETHICS OR MORALS?!!! you dont say that about murder do you? how bout just theft. theyre all illegal so fucking wake up! geez... argh.. pisses me off... so carlyn gets priority over me to go to some college just cuz she's black? even though she's richer? whatever. what bull shit!

alright.. got to go.. adios.

peace. (not said in the stupid ghetto payce way. i really mean peace.)

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