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bunnyblood2 (profile) wrote,
on 11-29-2003 at 11:25am
Current mood: Happy :D
Music: Evanescense-Going Under
Subject: Just Happy....
Well today started out really well. I'm typing relly slow for some reason...but other than that pretty good morning. Tom woke up at six something this morning to go help his father work on the house and he was being really sweet to me when he left. I dunno...he said I love you first when it's usually me who says it. Listen to me...I sound like a little giggling school girl. Oh felt nice.

On the other hand I have to go to work in like ten minutes. It's not too bad though. 12-6. I think that means I get a half an hour break...I'm not sure. Then after that I asked Tom to come down and meet me there when I get out so we can go shopping! That should be fun. I don't plan on getting too much...but I probably will. Ha. I spend money too easily.

Well...gotta get going it's 11:21. Don't wanna be late...I haven't yet! Which is cool. I haven't called out yet, either, and I don't really want to. That job really isn't that tiring. More like relaxing...depending on what they make me do. Anyways...gotta go....make some money.
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