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kailster (profile) wrote,
on 12-1-2003 at 8:44pm
Current mood: eh...
Music: stacie orrico - more to this life today was great! but i'm not in a great mood anymore...dunno why but...something just all of a sudden bugged me....who knows. oh well! i had a good day so it's ok! so school went by really fast, which was nice! chris came over at lunch and hung out with him for a lil bit, then after school i got all dressed up and went for my interview at the Y! it went really well, i really hope i got the job! she said she would give me a call later in the week so...i'm crossin my fingers!! then the rest of the day just kinda dragged on...did some h/w, hung with my mom, took a shower, did some laundry...ya know how it goes.

i 2wayed aaron to say happy birthday, see how he was doin, what he'd been up to was nice to talk to him :-)

but anyways...i better go get some work done on my english crap, haven't even started...who knows if ill talk to chris tonight or not, he's online so he'll prolly just go to bed after i get off but....whatever.

this year really needs to end...i need to start over on some things....i'm just losin it!

good night boys and girls

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