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bunnyblood2 (profile) wrote,
on 12-3-2003 at 7:53pm
Current mood: apathetic
Music: techno-y
Subject: strange...
I think it's kinda weird how someone's opinion can change so quickly about another person, even when that person stays the same. Just a little while ago, Justin was saying how cool I was and pretty and whatever in his journal (jjkgamers) and now he's saying I basically suck. *sigh* I can't win. Take a look:

jjkgamers: damn far two quizzies have called me a 'hopeless romantic'
jjkgamers: dammit
bunnyblood2: lol
bunnyblood2: did you see mine in my journal?
jjkgamers: yea
bunnyblood2: lol
jjkgamers: yep
bunnyblood2: i took other ones too
jjkgamers: quiz's suck, they dont know jack shit about me or what i wanna do with my life
bunnyblood2: i'm an exotic dancer barbie
bunnyblood2: and a bondage care bear
jjkgamers: ill bet
jjkgamers: you're bondage everything
bunnyblood2: hehe
jjkgamers: bondage sucks
bunnyblood2: what can i say?
bunnyblood2: there you go again
jjkgamers: sorry!
bunnyblood2: would you please stop saying everything i like sucks? that doesnt make me feel like much of a person
jjkgamers: we're too different
jjkgamers: i dont like it
bunnyblood2: and?
bunnyblood2: there's nothing i can do about that
jjkgamers: i kno!
jjkgamers: im just sayin
bunnyblood2: nor do i want to
jjkgamers: i never asked you to change
bunnyblood2: then youre never gonna like me
jjkgamers: probably not
jjkgamers: oh well
bunnyblood2: why can't you just accept that i'm different?
bunnyblood2: than the way you are?
jjkgamers: because you're too different for my tastes
jjkgamers: if you're offended, then im sorry
jjkgamers: but thats the way i am
jjkgamers: and it's hard to change your mental mindset about things

I don't know....I can't figure it out. I'm not sad about it or anything, just confused. I don't know what I do to make people hate me. I mean, I like the way I am. I'm really happy with who I've become. Maybe people are jealous? There's nothing to be jealous about over me. Whatever I have, others can get if they try hard enough. Most would try to take it from me I bet. But I don't have much. Christ....I don't even have a family!

I'll never understand the concept of hating other people for their interests. It's just not fair...nobody can expect a person to be exactly like them. There are no two exact same people...even siamese twins have their own opinions about things. I thought that individuality was a good thing, but I guess that's not the case with some people. I LOVE being different...I almost take pride in it. when I walk by somebody wearing all black with my fishnet tights and knee-high black boots on and they sneer or look makes me smile. Then I go to a concert like Ozzfest where there are others like me and I'm still happy. I can be who I am wherever I go and be happy... while at the same time not judging people for what they look like.

Look at me and Tom...we look nothing alike. In any way. He dresses in jeans and a t-shirt. And I couldn't care less. I know that he's still the same person whether he's wearing that or black baggy jeans with a ripped black long sleeved tight shirt, chains on the pants and spikes around his neck (ooh....that sounds hott..). And he doesn't criticize my clothing either. Or my music. I've actually grown to like his music...techno I guess. He likes a lot of things.

Sure, it's cool when you and someone else share the same interests, that's awesome. But it's just not cool to dislike someone because they don't like the same things you do, especially when they're already your friend. Makes no sense! I'm sorry... confusion is inevitable for me in this case. Maybe if I wasn't such a nice person I would understand.

But for the record, I'm not gonna hate you just because your interests don't appease me. Remember that. And keep your individuality, nobody else has what you do.
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