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Kate (profile) wrote,
on 12-4-2003 at 4:06pm
Current mood: No esta contento..
Music: Get Up Kids - Overdue
Subject: Pet Peeves, Dislikes, and/or Hates
1. When my bedroom or office door is left open.
2. When someone leaves the door open in a car, so it makes that sound until you shut it.
3. Being called "dude."
4. Pop music.
5. When someone gets in the car, gets situated, THEN shuts the door, so I have to sit there freezing, waiting for them.
6. Grape flavored things.
7. People who won't admit when they're wrong.
8. People who fight with no real logic or basis to what they're saying.
9. My mom
10. Getting called "Katie."
11. Not getting taken seriously.
12. When someone tells me, "You're barely 15," like my age automatically makes me stupid.
13. The phrase, "Okaly dokaly."
14. Children.
15. The phrase, "Time for you to get a watch."
16. People who aren't open to different things.
17. Lint.
18. When my mother doesn't let me do something because she cares about what people will think of her.
19. Complaining.
20. People who can't keep a secret.
21. People who get drunk and do stupid things.
22. When the hairspray falls out of my hair.
23. When my ear shows.
24. Getting in trouble for hugging Joe.
25. The kids on my bus. Especially when they sing along to the radio.
26. Mr. Kruisenga
27. People who try so hard to be different.
28. Those little icons with flashing song lyrics, or flashing words on them.
29. People who drape themselves in Hot Topic merchandise.
30. When someone says Good Charlotte is punk.
31. My mother.
32. Getting interrupted.
33. When two people are in a relationship and one person expects the other to do everything; to conform to their lifestyle; to always fix the problems.
34. Stubborn people.
35. When someone tries to be deep, but just can't do it, making themselves look like an ass in their sad attempt.
36. When a person chews with their mouth open.
37. Grammar/spelling mistakes.
38. When the bottom of the tub is cold.
39. When people claim, "God hates me."
40. Strict old-fashion christians.
41. People who care so much about how another person lives, or dresses, or just is.
42. When someone posts like 10 quizzes at a time.
43.When the cap is left off the toothpaste.
44. Poems that don't rhyme.
45. Pizza with pineapple on it.
46. Fast food.
47. My mother.

That's all I'm going to put for now. I'm not obsessed with the vast majority of these, I was just thinking about daily things that bother me. Most of them are little and tolerable, but some I abhor passionately.

Ps. Add Joe back to your list.

"I am hoping I can find where to leave my hurt behind. All the shit I seem to take, all alone I seem to break."
- KoRn/Alone I Break.
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