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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 12-4-2003 at 8:43am
Current mood: blank
Music: nothing
Subject: stuff
hey. today wasnt such a bad day. school went okay...ish. it was kinda awkward because i broke up with my boyfriend but ya know...i lived. i feel kinda bad for doing it, but its a lot better now. im not as depressed and stuff. my life can still suck at times but ya know. n e ways you all have to read this. my friend wrote it.

>>looking out at the fog and rain,
re-living the horror again and again,
the sounds and screams of what was lost,
that night, filled with the moonlit frost.
and many people who didnt care,
cried as they saw her lying there,
wiped that tear off of their cheek,
for all the times they called her a freak,
a moron, a useless being, a bitch,
sad and alone, a grumpy witch.
a razor blade had been secretly hid,
so no one would know the things that she did.
secrets are told on the sides of her arms,
as she told everyone that it did no harm.
full of depression, anger, and hate,
nobody realized til it was too late,
too bad sewacide was her fate.
i just wish that some one knew,
maybe this nightmare wouldnt come true.

---isnt that awesome. i love it. anyways i better go. i have stuff to do. ttyl.

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