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cutlip (profile) wrote,
on 12-5-2003 at 4:39pm
Current mood: devious
Music: Island IN The Sun.x.Weezer
Subject: .someshit.
I'm slowly finding myself more and more lost. However, if you recognize it on some levels, it only means that I'm giving in to the commonsocietysociopathisideal.

Also, when we think of society, do we really think that these people aren't JUST.LIKE.US. and that they donotfeel, donothurt, donotunderstand? We use the word "society" so freely because all those hardk0re punkerz meen well omgklol. Society is made up of everyone who has ever thought.

This.. "conformity" something we've created for ourselves for an excuse as to why we act the way we do. There is no real pressing conflict that causes us to stand out from the blue-collar workers. Itjustsoundsbetterthatway.

Wishing the snake would go away. Wishingthesnakewouldgoaway. Why are you talking into my brain? You know I don't listen to you whisper. Youslimyslitheringfuck. You make faceless accusations. And you hate the music. Don'tyou.

Partofme,aren'tyou. I just wish you'd wither up and fucking DIE. [esp]

Am I schizophrenic? Surveysays: .x.
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