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gator4life97 (profile) wrote,
on 12-7-2003 at 9:28pm
Current mood: stressed
Music: Relient K- mood ring
Subject: urhgjkhghjk...
haha yeaa havent even started this week and im already stressed...isnt that grand!!? i wont be home at all this week or weekend and have a mungo english project due sometime to the world and then exams are coming up...woohoo
dude i totally wore my converses to church today...haha ive never been made fun of soo bad..jeff said if my grandmother was still here she wouldve gotten on my case about them...haha yeaa hes definently right..hey but i was comfy so thats what matters...
started christmas shopping today...went to best buy and ran into mike-senior kid in photo- wow that kid cracks me up...hes got kewl hair...haha what is my obsession with the hair...i swear im gunna marry a guy with big long brown curly hair and plays the guitar or drums...itll be great...well anyway me and mike went to barnes and noble to get a iced carmel mocheato or whateva yummy i bought him espresso omg it was so then i came home and ive been doing hw since like woo...
mandy need to know when u want to go to macbeth...i need to find out for sure what time it starts...might help a tad...
!*~pamplemousse- thats an amazing word!
u know theres something a bit wrong with u when u go around telling people there are hippos in ur bath tub and penguins running around ur backyard... :)
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