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megan_16 (profile) wrote,
on 12-11-2003 at 4:49pm
Current mood: sleepy
Music: fuel
WOW I haven't wrote in woohu for so long. Someone added me and I got a notice and all of the sudden I was all . . hey I should go write on that today. SO HERE I AM!!! I just made 20 christmas cards. I am soo tired but I still have stuff to do - homework and laundry and soo so much - why am I on here then you ask? well because . . . I can be. :D today was a very - uh - productive day and then the bus ride which I totally dred and I cant listen to my cd player because my stupid head phones broke DUMB THINGS. so this wierd kid sat by me and I dont know what it is with some people but they obviously think that they have to act like the dumb gangsters in the movies YEA NOT COOL this kid was like . . 13 or something and he was all was up? what the hell is that cant he just sit and not talk - DUMB!!!! really now - come on. I really am I nice person though so I didnt say anything to him mean. oh well though. Julie finally gave me my fuel cd today - YES!!!! - It is awsome. AND my birthday is in 18 days and I cant wait to be 17 even though I STILL have no lisence or have even taken drivers training but its ok right? It will happen someday when my dad stops being a dickhead or ya know when I turn 18. :D welll so I have to go start chores and such. Later
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