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kailster (profile) wrote,
on 12-11-2003 at 5:14pm
Current mood: happy
Music: all i want for christmas is you - MC
wow i haven't written in forever! ahh! well here's the update i guess you would say :-)

well things have been going GREAT! besides the fact i don't have my car...i really don't care! me and chris have been hanging out A LOT which has been great, and god, i'm SO in love with him!! :-) but i miss hanging out with allie and kane a lot...i haven't been doin much cuz i don't have my car but i've been hangin with my mom which has been cool b/c things are going good :-) well...things are just goin good! i got the job at the Y and i'm so physched! it should be great! i can't wait for x-mas break to get here! tomorrow i plan on goin to chris' after he gets out of practice...he's got somethin planned for idea what it is but...his mom is in colarado with his brother and he stayed home...which is good cuz i'd miss him! but...we'll seewhat he's got goin for tomorrow! ;-) hehe so...i'm gonna have dinner and do some h/w, talk to chris and go to bed...i think i'm getting sick :-/ let's hope not! but hopefully this weekend i get to hang with kaneface and allie cuz i miss them!! a lot!!! and you better read this cuz i'm gettin bored every weekend without my girls!! :-P alright well i'm gonna get goin
later dudes

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