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sameen (profile) wrote,
on 12-13-2003 at 11:50am
Music: jay z- i just wanna love u
Subject: weekend
hey everyone,

was up?? it was weird the week ending, cuz it was like.. i wanted the weekend 2 come so the week wud b over, but then i didn't cuz i knew finals are comin up. that sux. so yesterday was all rite. chem- quest, i dunno how i did. some of the things were tricky, esp if u didn't read it correctly, cuz there was one where u had 2 put the unit in L and i had in cm^3 and just stuff like that. then ceramics was frustrating cuz i dunno how 2 make a "tea pot" lol i have 2 work on it this weekend. i wud have never taken that class but it was the only thing they had besides world history. i'm kinda glad i did. neway then was english, talked about the daybook and then freetime. it's nice 2 not have 2 work bell 2 bell in one class. and i don't mean like, o there's 5-mins-4-the-bell-2-ring free time, but like 1/2 an hour or something. spanish, ahh i dunno. she's so disorganized. i don't feel ready 4 the final at ALL. i don't even know the format of it. and i know she's gonna screw up my 2nd quarter grade.. she gave me a c now, but it's her fault, she gave me a 0 on my vocab quiz which i got an a on and i obv did take. and i've been askin her 4 weeks if she changed it or not and she said no. then after school i stayed 2 make "reindeer candy canes" lol. weird. then came home and i was really tired i dunno y. so i had a chill nite- had pizza, downloaded like 50 songs, lol, i had 230 songs on kazaa yest now i had 310. and today i woke up and sorta kinda started studying 4 finals.. well that's about it 4 now. sry 4 the boring update..
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