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daydream (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2003 at 2:35am
i hate relationships and the whole dating scene. it's just something i will never be good at. ever. sigh. on an upside i'm going to see the urge play next friday...hooray for good concerts.

it's been snowing since 9 this morning and doesn't show any signs of stopping...i love winter. i had a snowball fight today with one of the prettiest boys i've ever known...i ended up extremely cold, wet, and trying to rub feeling back into my hands and feet. i love winter. or maybe it's the pretty boys i'm found of...i personally think it's both...hmm...

exams are next week, eeks. who's not ready? oh that would be me. i have to go to my dad's tomorrow as well which robs me of a full snowy sunday of studying. oh well, tis the season...or something.

that's all for now folks, tune in next time.

"this is the strangest life i have ever known."
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