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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2003 at 2:33pm
Music: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Modern Romance
Subject: list (continued)
I had to finish my list..this time i really am done. skip over it again if youd like.

-I hate selfish people.
-I hate when guys flirt with other girls when they have a girlfriend.
-I love music more than anything, I really do believe i would die without it.
-I am scared of rollercoasters
-yes, i listen to Avril Lavigne and i like most of her lyrics.
-I do not think i dress different, but I am different.
-I have only dated 3 people. and only one of the relationships were serious.
-i am comfortable with who i am as in my personality, but would still like to change how i look.
-I get crushes on guys very easily.
-I think some girls are hot. and i am not a lesbian or bi.
-I think Tom Delonge is the sexiest man alive.
-I am too mean.
-I use the word gay too much.
-I read everything i write atleaste twice.
-My friends are the 2nd most important thing in my life (music is first as wrong as that may be)
-I want my lip pierced.
-Eventually i want my left arm sleeved with tatoos.
-My favorite band used to be be Good Charlotte. I have found much better music, but their still alright in my book.
-I currently have a crush on like 7 guys.
-I listen to Tool every morning.
-greenday makes me happy.
-I hate when people always mention who they are in love with. its annoying.
-When it comes down to it i am extremely perverted.
-James is the smartest kid i know.
-I have never taken a pill in my life.
-Im done with this list. I feel like a bitch for talking about myself this long.

..and cool kids, they belong...together-The Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Modern Romance
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