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gator4life97 (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2003 at 9:47pm
Current mood: exhausted...
Music: Five Iron-Kamikaze
Subject: Done...
The weekends over...too many performances, too many recitals, too many practices-great lack of sleep which if u know heather shes got to have her sleep...but we have 4 more days hehe 3 for mecause im not going thursday...i wanna bake cake-cookies with mandy lol and then winter break woop woop! Sleigh ride is on the 22nd-mystery trip with jeff...never a dull moment...
dude i so jammed on the piano last night...aww im in love with marquis' voice...i made new friends last night... :) Cantata was tonight...hehe dude i so hit the high notes with a bit of squeaking..they said i was a rebel with my jeans and converse while everyone else was all dressed up...its a good feeling to be a rebel lol yea i had more to write but definently dont feel like writing...

Diamonds Arnt Forever: Scott Hughes
Emotions bleeding through my watery eyes
A cold sensation is tearing these ties
The words have burned into me like acid rain
The pieces of a broken heart is all that remain
A puzzle that only one can make
But the one who can, already caused it to break
The feeling i get when i think of you
Is undeniably something so pure and so true
I guess its something that i just cant see
Or maybe its a sign that it wasnt meant to be
But now i have nothing, except of our past
Some say diamonds are forever, but this one just did not last
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