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caffeinatedjazz (profile) wrote,
on 12-15-2003 at 7:09pm
Nikol (6:43:27 PM): i might not talk to you anymore conor

Me (6:43:34 PM): so i heard.

Nikol (6:43:42 PM): ill just say goodbye. its been nice being your friend
Nikol (6:43:46 PM): :-\
Nikol (6:44:05 PM): well

Me (6:44:16 PM): what do you want me to say?

Nikol (6:44:18 PM): i want one more conversation
Nikol (6:44:28 PM): i wasnt asking you to say anything
Nikol (6:44:54 PM): i just wanted to tell you to keep up your music
Nikol (6:44:56 PM): seriously
Nikol (6:45:02 PM): and finish your cd
Nikol (6:45:16 PM): and send me a signed copy that will be worth lots of money one day
Nikol (6:45:17 PM): :-)

Me (6:45:20 PM): will do

Me (6:46:02 PM): i don't get it.

Nikol (6:46:19 PM): get what?

Me (6:46:28 PM): You (6:43:27 PM): i might not talk to you anymore conor

Nikol (6:46:43 PM): oh
Nikol (6:46:44 PM): well
Nikol (6:46:50 PM): i want to move on

Me (6:47:00 PM): cool

Nikol (6:47:01 PM): from lville
Nikol (6:47:08 PM): thats not what youre thinking

Me (6:47:08 PM): i'm not from lville
Me (6:47:14 PM): ok.
Me (6:47:18 PM): well i dont know what to think

Nikol (6:47:18 PM): ha
Nikol (6:47:28 PM): i cant tell you what youre thinking
Nikol (6:47:31 PM): now can i?

Me (6:47:32 PM): it's barely like we talk anyways.

Nikol (6:47:38 PM): i know

Me (6:47:42 PM): and you cutting off all communication is just kinda....
Me (6:47:43 PM): eh.
Me (6:47:47 PM): anyways.
Me (6:47:48 PM): have fun.

Nikol (6:48:03 PM): bye

*Nikol blocked as of 6:48:04pm 12-15-03*

"closure doesn't exist. don't let anyone try to sell it to you when you're hurting" - jello biafra

ned doesn't deserve this.
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