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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 12-15-2003 at 8:19am
Current mood: confused
Music: nothing
Subject: why is life so confusing?!?!
omfg. my life is just so confusing right now. i think i may be in love but i dont know. i dont know what to do about my friends. i am so worried about them. my friend blondie is really having problems right now. she needs help but i dont know how to give it to her. my other friend is suicidal and im REALLY worried that she is gonna actually really try to do it and not just cut herself but ACTUALLY do something major. i want to get her help but i cant because i dont know everything because im not with her everyday. im worried about my friend Brian. he is so depressed. he says that when he is with me he isnt but i can so tell he is. if i look him it breaks my heart because he is so much pain. i made him swear he wouldn;t hurt himself anymore and he hasn't in a long time. my friend abby is being really bitchy. she is being really mean and im not the only one who sees it. right now im not worried about only worrie about my friends. i just want everybody to be okay and happy. its really hard for me to be happy when none of my friends are. im really worrie about everyone. i just really hope everyone will be okay.
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