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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 12-17-2003 at 8:01am
Current mood: like a horrible person
Music: nothing
Subject: i feel awful...
yeah i know most of u guys dont care about me and brian but oh well. i have been thinking a lot about this and i dont like him. i dont know why i dont feel the same way about him as he feels about me but i just cant. he is the sweetest guy ever and everything but i just cant like him. i thought i did at one point but it turned out that i didn't. he's in love with me. he told me yesterday, how anyone can fall in love with me i have no clue. i feel so bad tho because i really really like him as a REALly close friend...just not as a boyfriend. i feel i did something wrong. its just that i cant be something that im not...and i cant love someone that i dont. i love him as a friend...but nothing more. anyways im hungry so i g2g. ttyl.
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