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sugarpeep (profile) wrote,
on 12-17-2003 at 10:06pm

Yay~~ :) Today mom and I went to the airport to verify that I have tickets. :D I'm so happy. This'll be the best christmas yet. True.. I won't be spending it with my family.. and.. I'll be thosands of miles away.. But I haven't had a christmas yet where I wasn't lonely. Hopefully this one'll be diffrent. :D So.. now that I'm too excited to do anything productive I've packed and airport safe'ed all my stuff. It's amazing the little things I manage to leave about. -.-; Ah well. When I get back hopefully I'll get to visit with muh roomate and I'll still have three other roomates. Unless Miranda leaves.. fat chance. Grand Valley fucked up Yinka's papers. Yinka is from London. They said that if she leaves to go home for christmas then she can't come back to the US. yay for grand valley. *grumble* Anyway. I hope you all have happy holidays and a merry new year! :)


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