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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 12-18-2003 at 4:09pm
Current mood: shitty
Music: i have an AFI song stck in my head...doesthat count???
Subject: i feel like crap...
hey. just so u know i feel like crap. not because im sick but cuz right life is shit. everyone is mad at each other for some reason or another. im mad at my ex-boyfriend (my best friends boyfriend now). because of him my best friend has changed comletely. she ignores us, its like her whol god damn life revolves around him, she shows off in front of him. everything she used to be she's not anymore. she never used to ignore me when i was talknig to her unless we were goofing around. now if im talking to her and danny walks up she will look at him and just totally tune me out. and im sick of it. its all HIS fault. ever since they started going out she has been totally different. she used to call me after school everyday and every common planning day but now she doesnt. and when we do talk shes always going on and on about HIM. and if he gets in trouble or sent to the office or something stupid like that (which he does a lot and 99.9% of the time its on purpose.) everyone freaks out. its like the whole world revolves around him. i cant even walk to class with her by myself now because HE is always there. I HATE THIS. i mean im happy that she has finally found someone but ya know... an when i told her i might be moving she got upset and all but like five minutes later it was like she didnt care. brian is making things hard foe me because he always wants to put his arms around me and stuff even tho we arent going out. he follows me to every class and always wants to stand next to me or sit next to me at lunch. if im mad he wont leave me alone about it and he is bugging the crap out of me. but i dont want to hurt his feelings so i just live with it. why why why????? i hate this. i really need to talk to brittanie about it but she fucking ceel phone isnt on and nobody is answering her phone. i even tried calling brian and he isnt home. everyone keeps asking me why im mad at danny. that get so annoying after te first ten times yur asked. and then when i tell them they look all shocked and say "what did he do?" or "why are you mad at danny? he didnt doo anything" god dammit. he isnt perfect and the god damn earth doesnt revolve around him. and if ppl dont stop acting like that...then im gonna go crazy. anyways i guess i will go. im gonna go to the BX to do some last minute christmas shopping. ttyl.
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