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kailster (profile) wrote,
on 12-20-2003 at 4:20am
Current mood: awake
Music: stories - trapt
well it's almost 4 in the morning...why i'm up...god only knows. i woke up a lil before like 3:50 and my phone beeped it was aaron. we talked for a few min, he was seein if i was out partyin or what not, nope i'm a lazy bum in bed at 3am lol :-P but after i talked to him i haven't been able to go back to sleep...hmmm...who knows

well today sucked...yesterday.....friday whatever...
school sucks, math sucks, it all just sucks...but hey i get 2 weeks off and then only 2 weeks to go in this it's all good right? right.

well i didn't get to see chris AT ALL tonight...didnt' even talk to him but...oh well he's sick and he needs to get better...

i went to a movie with bob, talked to a million different people on 2way but just stayed home and slept the rest of the night until arbo called...

he asked what i was up to and what i was doin this weekend, i told him nothin and he said i should hang out with him and bob tomorrow, i told him to give me a call and i would!

don't worry...nothing is going to happen...i love chris and i can't do that to him...or to myself...aaron is one of my best friends and i cant lose him b/c of something else that i feel towards everything is going to be fine! :-)

alright...maybe that's just what i had to get off my chest...whew...ok i'm off to bed now
nighty night

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