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justamirage (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-2003 at 6:32pm
Current mood: bored
Music: brand new - good to know if i ever need attention all i have to do is die
Subject: its beginning to seem lot like christmas...
well...its that time of year again. whoo fuckin hoo right? o yea... 2 more days... although i really dont know what im counting down to. normally, it would be going to my gpas house to pig out on good ass food get a butt load of presents and then hang out with my cousins. but this year i get to do...guess what. absolutely nothing. all because my family are all stupid mother fuckers who get into huge arguments over the stupidest little things. oh, but i do get to do one thing. i get to go to my grandmas house. yay. although i probably wont get anything because, well, i worship satan. we dont have a tree up so apparently we are the cause to the fall of christianity. and ya know what? damn straight bitch. were all probly gunna burn in hell anyway so whats the point. my mom has officially ruined what used to be the one part of the year when i didnt want pretty much everyone to fall off a cliff. eh o well.. im done. im going to claires yet again. that sould help...we're going caroling. so merry mother fucking christmas.

It's Christmas time again
It's time to be nice to the people you can't stand
All year
I'm growing tired of all this Christmas cheer
You people scare me
Please stay away from my home
If you don't wanna get beat down
Just leave the presents and then leave me alone

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