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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-2003 at 6:07pm
Current mood: mixed emotions
Music: my sisters and my mom yelling
Subject: why why why???
omg...why? why are all of my friends having all of these problems? i never thought i would ever have to deal with a suicidal friend or with friends being really depressed(kinda like me). usually im the one really depressed. deep down i am...but my holiday spirirt is showing right now so i will save the depressiveness for AFTER the holidays. im having problems with one of my bestest friends in the world and her pathetic boyfriend. i have a feeling he is gonna hurt her and we dont want that now do we? if he hurts her...i will hurt him (physically and mentally). i have my ways of doing things...and that is one thing i CAN and WILL do if he hurts her. im also really mad at him...he has changed everything. he changed her...and i dont like that. now she is all...different...i liked things how they were before. i wish girls and guys (the ones in my group click thingy) could just be friends and not have feelings for each other. it wouls seriously cut down the drama. but noooooo, tings have to be difficult and drama filled. anyways i also feel bad for my other friend. she is going through hell riht now...with her "unnamed buddy" and all the stress is really breaking her down. all this stress is breaking me down too but im not worried about myself...just her. i wish things would just ease up a bit. anyways i gotta go. i have to do a major cleaning job on my room. ttfn.

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