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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-2003 at 9:52pm
Music: system of a down
proof that shannon is a complete dumbass

Shannon: so cj told me u miss me?
stacy: umm no. i dont recall ever saying that.
Shannon:: good.
well i miss u
stacy: i dont care
Shannon: ok i never said u did care
Shannon: dont get all pissy with me then
stacy: am i getting pissy with you?
stacy: i didnt think i was.
Shannon: not now damn. calm down
stacy: wow. im not even upset.
Shannon: omg i never said u were upset
Shannon: i dont care what the fuck u r. i fuckin try to be nice, and so what i fuckin called u immature? omg its the end of the world
stacy: dude. im not even mad. your the one all freaking out.
Shannon: im not freaking out at all cuz i dont care
stacy: alright
Shannon: i dont care that u take things to far. but hey so much for being sisters huh?
stacy: guess so
Shannon: ight then

ok so yeah..shes stupid. and sisters? wtf does that mean?


today was good..."pants and feet..thats all you need to know." hehe. yeah.
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