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Ari-chan (profile) wrote,
on 12-23-2003 at 3:03pm
Current mood: awake
Music: Paul Simon- Born at the Right Time
Have recently seen some merit in DracoxHarry...
Have a fic, minna:

"Sirius, are you sure this is a good idea?" Remus asked as his lover hung up the telephone.
"Of course, love! What could go wrong?" the long-haired man replied, grinning noncommittally.
"Well, there will be four teenagers here... Let's see..." Remus began to count on his fingers, looking up as if in concentration. "Underage drinking, 'road trips', chaos, mayhem, destruction, and sex, to name but a few."
Sirius put an arm around him, nibbling lightly on his earlobe. "You're cute when you're being sarcastic." he murmured. "Mmmm..." Remus relaxed into his lover's gentle embrace, forgetting the worries of a moment before.


"So who's driving this tin can on wheels?" Ron asked, kicking one of the VW van's tires morosely.
"Hey!" Harry said in mock-anger, "Be nice to the poor thing!"
A sarcastic voice came from the other side of the van, "Yeah, if you kick it too hard, it might fall apart." Draco came around to lean on the hood.
"Well, it's not as if anyone else has a car, lover-mine."
"Oh, stop arguing, you two! We're going to be late!" Hermione stamped her foot impatiently.
"All right, all right..." The four teenagers got into the van, Harry and Draco in front, Ron and Hermione in the spacious back (which for some reason had a bed and no seats).
"So you're driving?" Draco asked Harry, sitting in the passenger seat.
"Well, it is my car, after all."
"Ours, love, ours."
"We~ell, I'm the one with the keys..." Harry dangled the key-ring in front of his boyfriend's nose.
"Damn. Alright then, you win." the blonde said resignedly, settling back down in his seat.
An impatient voice came from the back- "We're going to be- mmmph!" -and was suddenly cut off.
A few moments later, Ron released Hermione's lips, leaving the brunette looking stunned.
"Wow..." Draco said in an awed voice, "Someone can actually shut her up..."
The readhead grinned. "It's an art."
"Okay then, let's get this flying circus on the road," the blonde said briskly. Harry turned the key in the ignition, and they were off.


Two hours later...
"Harry?" Ron asked, lying on the bed in the back of the van, next to Hermione.
"Why is there an Indian-print bedspread on the roof of the van?"
"Got it from a hippie."
Draco was asleep in the passenger seat, Hermione absorbed in a book, and Ron sprawled on the bed, asleep as well. Harry spotted a gas station up ahead, and pulled in. "Draco, wake up." he said, prodding his sleeping boyfriend in the shoulder.
"Mmmm... Wha's happen..."
"Driver switch!" Hermione said briskly, snapping her book shut. At this Draco started, blinking furiously as he tried to bring his mind back to consciousness.
Ron gave a loud snore, mumbling something along the lines of "Go to hell" as Hermione tried to get him up. Finally, the redhead regained consciousness, and the two were able to switch places with Draco and Harry.

That's all of it I've got written so far... *sigh*

Found this poem while going through magazines from my dad's high school... Is so beautiful and sad...


The vaseline-tounged politicians
peddle their sentimental hangover of patriotism
trying to probe that all the world loves and American.
But the plastic saints
bound up with destruction and synthetic morale
have defeated the name.
They don't know
that the law of gravity is still in effect
and what blows up
must come down on everyone
including white Christian Americans.
They can't believe
that the immaculate conception
of their symbolic mushroom soup
stems not from righteousness
but from the ignorance
of their hearts.
~Suzie Osborne, Carmel High School, 1968


They're so kawaii together... ^_^ (FYI, that's Remus Lupin and Sirius Black)

Going now...
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