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caffeinatedjazz (profile) wrote,
on 12-24-2003 at 12:12am
Music: elliott smith - LA
caffienatidjazz (11:26:41 PM): so i got in the car home from bari's, and there was xmas music on
caffienatidjazz (11:26:52 PM): and i was like "turn that off, put this in"
caffienatidjazz: and my dad was like "but it's xmas music. xmas is fun"
caffienatidjazz: and i said "screw xmas"
caffienatidjazz: and he said "well you sure as hell didn't get laid tonight, grump"
caffienatidjazz: and i was like "wtf?"

ned and ross and i hung out the other day at my house.

natalie's grounded for the rest of break. or something. i dont want to know why. i fucked that up. i'm cursed.

i woke up at 10am this morning to go to baseball. ned slept here and was gonna leave right after we left.

came back at 1:30.

"uh... yeah, so i couldn't get a ride."

then he played wolfenstein. then he left. then i flipped out and tried to sleep. i dont know what i was doing.

then i went to bari's. fun. watched part of lotr 2 with her sister, mixed a drink for her mom and drank most of it, hung out, listened to music, made tea, drank tea, burnt my tongue, talked with her and her sister, left.

see top of page :D

oh! and this.

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