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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 12-24-2003 at 7:08pm
Current mood: excited
Music: nothing
Subject: FINALLY!!!
i cant believe its finally christmas eve. tmrw is christmas...i have waited all year for this and its finally here. i get to make a gingerbread house today with my sisters and grandma while my mom wraps presents. i dont like gingerbread but i like the cany u put on it. anyways im trying to forget aobut everything bad that has been going on lately and im trying really hard to be happy and not depressed but its not easy. there ia whole big part of me that is happy and excited (not truly happy....the only way i would be truly happy was if i could spend christmas with my family in Maryland and if all my friends were truly happy) but there is a litle part of me that is still sad and depressed and stuff. the depression and sadness isnt as severe as it was before....but i bet it will after christmas. anyways i better go. i gotta take a shower. i will write more later.

MERRY CHRISTMAS (feliz navidad)
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