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kailster (profile) wrote,
on 12-25-2003 at 11:07am
Current mood: content
Music: listening to my new WOW hits's good :-)
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! well my sisters decided to wake up extra early this year...little did they know their big sister stayed up till 2 or she was very tired, but hearing my sisters voice this morning and getting a kiss from her this morning was a great wake up call :-) she loves me, if any one is this family does, it's alexandra...and i love her so much...and i miss this house and my family...a lot :-) it's been a great christmas so far,and i'm looking forward to the rest of the day!

well we went to church last night, haven't been in a while....a WHILE....and it wasn't regular service, but i do miss going to church and having that connection to something i really believe may be hard but i know that i have it good and right now guidance from God is what i need...

there's always time for fun, but what am i going to do when i get to college and don't know what i want to be, or just forget about the important things in family and loving my faith. these are the most important things to me and i need to keep them close...and on the top of my priority list.

my dad and patty put $20 bills in a bunch of different boxes and it came to a total of $ much my ticket was...:-) with the my dad is so cool, and i have a great family...and i need to realize that and give them the love from me ... so when i go off to college it's not too late to be close to them...

well i'm heading over to my mom's here in a while, so i better get around, but i hope everyone has a merry christmas...this one has already been a lot better than last's...warm wishes to all on christmas...and thanks to God for everything this year. :-)

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