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gator4life97 (profile) wrote,
on 12-28-2003 at 8:41pm
Current mood: amused
Music: Yellowcard
Subject: Getting lost...
so the family is sitting around the dining room table when we all decide that we feel fat...haha we all jump in the car and head to Bunnel "forest"....for a hiking trip...we get there and head out to tackle the crazy mountains here..yea it was nice u know...burning off calories, pretty surroundings...lots of trees, screaming "the dragons come in the nigghhhh" to no one in hour into this intense hike we decide that it was time to turn around and head back so my father of course decides he will find us a shorter route back...hahaha yeaa of course we follow him- ends up leading us in circles...we kinda wandered around for an hour very lost...wondering if we were gunna have to jump this barb wire to get to the highway and walk back that way (i was already picking out the tree i was gunna sleep in for the night) we were walking me and my mom saw bones laying around..great stuff...anyways we finally cut through all these branches wayy off the trail..and make it back safely and even got a strawberry milkshake as a reward lol
Tonight headed down to the Brinkerhoff's-pigged out on oysters..yummy good times were spent...

~!*It was rad like woo...and dont u forget it!

Fumbling his confidence
And wondering why the world has passed him by
Hoping that he's bid for more than arguments
And failed attempts to fly, fly

We were meant to live for so much more
Have we lost ourselves?
Somewhere we live inside

*this is your life, are you who you want to be...?*
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