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amajules (profile) wrote,
on 12-28-2003 at 11:53pm
Subject: Amanda!
Holy guacamole!
Amanda I am sooo sorry for not writing at all to you so much sooner. Goodness, I am awful in not responding.
sigh. there's way too much catching up to do, wow, i feel like i haven't talked to you in forever
So much to tell you, as usual.
but also as usual, I have literally 2 minutes to type -
first off, i hope your christmas was wonderful, as well as your new year's coming up. i think i'm going to try and call you.. tuesday night, if you are around - i was actually going to try and call you tonight, but it didn't register that it was sunday the night i was supposed to call you - until i sat down to write this.
sigh, anyway, i'm unfortunately going to have to make this short and bearing bad news - a very vague writing to you when i really owe you like 5 gazillion pages of letter.
anyway - guess what, it's not happy news. i'll be okay, but i'm very sad tonight...

Abigail - my beautiful dog - - she has to be put to sleep. :( .. goodness, i was a blubbering mess after i found that out, and am still teary eyed.
and there's my time limit. ha - goodness i feel awful i'm really sorry - i promise to catch up with you within a day or two!

I love you - and still miss you as very much as always.. more so now because it's been so long since updating...

sigh. k. goodnight Amanda.
lots and lots of love
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