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Upchuck (profile) wrote,
on 11-20-2002 at 11:03am
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Subject: de Tocqueville's "Democracy in America"
de Tocqueville was definitely impressed with the ideas within American culture. He saw American democracy as a method to maintain continuity to keep the great masses happy. In other words, the greatest advantage of American democracy is political efficacy.

Hence this brings me to the reson for posting this in this community. One of de Tocqueville's main points was about political association within the United States. Not just national government, but also the prevailing interests of many smaller groups. The idea first introduced by James Madison in "The Federalist No. 10." The idea that people can have their voices heard through these various organizations. Such is the way our lake will be saved. Because of this association: The Little Whitefish Lake Association. Because of this the land owners on the lake have secured a way to treat our beloved hangout with chemicals to stop the growth of damaging and harmful aquatic plant life. de Tocqueville also viewed this as a disadvantage to American democracy. He did not know how Americans could get anything done with so many competing interest within all levels of government.
The aristocratic ideals that were so present in his upbringing had their advantages also. to combat this problem of civilians, the aristocrats would have economic control over the populace and political control as well. This would stiffle insurrectionist thought as was so accustom within France. In comparison, American's that had an economic advantage were looked on as improper representatives of the people. This was more true in the North than in the South. The wealthy aristocrats of the northeast found it hard to get elected to any office. This was due to the expansion of suffrage to every free man. This was a disadvantage to America because the wealthy could not protect their own interests. The common man may seek a legislative, or political action to harm those of the upper class while at the same time elevating himself to a middle classic state.

These are all ramblings for a paper that is due in a few days. Trusted for sure, most of this will make it in there, I just needed to get some preliminary writing done.
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