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_iggy_ (profile) wrote,
on 12-30-2003 at 8:10am
Current mood: pissed off
Music: the stuff thats playing right now
Subject: MY F***ING DAD!!!
two days ago my brother -shadoe- was over cuz he wanted to see me(we havent seen eachother in awhile) and my dad called my relatives house to see when my bro was gonna come back home. he told my dad that our grandma was on her way to pick him up and bring him home. my dad asked shadoe if i was coming to see him, so he relayed the message to me (i was lounging on the couch about 10 feet from the phone) and i said 'no'. my dad asked shadoe why, and i said cuz i couldnt see him unless somone was with me - a rule i made on my own-. my dad got pissed and hung up the phone so that he could call my mom and ask her what the deal was. so the next day my mom calls me and tells me that my dad called to talk to her. she said that my dad said that:
1)he talked directly to me over the phone. - i gave my brother the answers to tell to my dad so that i wouldnt have to talk to him on the phone.
2)i said that my mom wouldnt let me see him unless i had someone with me. - again, i made that rule for myself a while back.

--this might help--

mom: andrea made that rule for herself.
dad: why would she do a stupid thing like that?
mom: cuz she feels uncomfortable even talking to you.
dad: i never did anything to her to make her feel that way.
mom: uh, yea you did.
dad: like what?
mom: you were physically abusive towards her.
dad: Shadoe says the same thing... and i dont know where you guys get this bull shit from.
mom: well than you better talk to your wife.
dad: what the hell does luan have to do with this???
mom: as far as i know, luann was there on one of the occasions when you got abusive.
dad: Bull Fucking Shit!!! i have never gotten abusive.
mom: yeah right Michael! luann even said that if you ever hit her, she would kill you. and how is shoving your daughter into walls and on the ground, then pinning her arms, choking her, and hitting her not abuse.
dad: i never have done anything like that to her and i think that she should apologize to me for saying that i did those things to her.
mom: no, she feels that you owe her an apology.
dad: Fuck That!!! i can live my life with out her in it. fuck this, fuck her.

*click* yeah, my dads a real man huh. how can he say that he never did shit to me when i have had picks taken of the bruises, welts, cuts, stretch marks... and hanging up shows that he cant handle anymore of his shit thrown at him. GOD!!! if the fucking bastard dont want anything to do with me then why doesnt he just fucking disown me!!! i would even pay for the court visits and papers. theres goes my half million dollars that i was supposed to inherit... but i dont give a shit. as long as i dont have to ever worry about him. i am gonna have a grand time calling him and 'speaking' with him. i havent in a long time, and after this, i wont ever again.
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