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LifelessLoverKML (profile) wrote,
on 12-30-2003 at 2:50pm
Current mood: I'm Not Quite Sure...?
Music: Evrrything On My SonicStage Player
Subject: Cat Fights N Whatnot!
Jacqui... Sam.... Justine.... whoever is all involved in this thing that seems to be eating up your friendships... Plzzzz stop! PLZ PLZ PLZ!
Look, I kno I don't have much of a place to say anything... But... I just have this feeling that you are going to regret all this hostility(sp)... Becuz I remember last year and the year before... ya'all were real tight!!
Ofcourse I don't really have a place in ANY of this... but I think you all should AT LEAST get along... becuz I Love You All!
Sure therr's things we don't like about eachother... but ya need ta juss *PRETEND* to get along.... plz.... lol

WELLLLL- Either way... I LOVE YOU ALL... and I want you guys to work this out... wit all my heart :)

Chow I'm Out

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