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plainmornings (profile) wrote,
on 12-30-2003 at 4:00pm
being 18 rocks.

i'm slowly becoming addicted to scratch off lotto tickets. Poor, Very Poor.

been working like cray-z but gregory works con me so its all gravy.

saw mona lisa smile, i liked much. saw elf con sr. Selinsky, that was fun.

still have 80bazillion people to see and soooo little time :0(

Ms. Jennifer slept over last night, we talked till almost 5 (and i work up at like 2)

ummmm saw my favorite Soy guy & talked Vonnegut (whitney i have to show you the post)

ummmm saw Big Ben & his crazy MIT friends.

Dennys for some raw chicken.

leaving on Jan 1st sooooooo everyone has to hang out before then!

oh yeah... heidi, alex & dom came to visit yesterday <3
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