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chelsea_louise (profile) wrote,
on 12-31-2003 at 2:38pm
Current mood: awake
Music: none....its silent....
Subject: new years...
well tonight is newyears eve and im goin to tony's lil shindig he's havin. i was pretty excited cause i thought someone was coming but i guess their not. oh well i guess. we'll still have fun. jus not as much as i had planned. lol. well monday i think...uhh...YEAH MONDAY *giggles* anyways! andrea came over to erica's on monday. and we were goin to go to the mall with dusty but i guess things changed and well we ended up goin with matt and tony. we had alot of fun. it was a blast. woohu. lol. yeah. then we went home and we stayed up all night. finally i fell a sleep on the couch around 7 30. lol. yeah...and then i woke up around ten to someone knockin on the door and i heard the word pizza so i jus woke up in an instant and ate. i was craving pizza all night and then i got it and it got me sick. i forgot where it was from but im never eatin that kinda pizza again! NEVER AGAIN!!! lol. and yeah. i coughed like sooo bad this mornin my voice i guess you could and it hurt real bad :( my mama made me gargle warm salt was discusting. yeah. and then uhh..yeah here i am. right here. lol. but im goin to go cause i have to change the kitty litter. love you all and have a happy new year!!!!!!! *MUAH*
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