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caffeinatedjazz (profile) wrote,
on 1-1-2004 at 12:16am
Music: flaming lips - chewin on the apple in your eye
yea, so if its sad
well you still gotta live till ya die
man, everyone's chewin the apple you got in your eye

it like at the circus
when you get lost in the crowd
your happy but nervous
definite sign that you lost it


happy new year. i'm. alone. and cold. and nothing blew up. i'm goin to bed. goodnight.


fuck. i can't sleep. i'm lonely. fuck fuck fuldkfa;lskdfd

Elbies14 (12:10:46 AM): i went and ate jimmies with a little bit of ice cream at the chinese buffet
Elbies14 (12:10:56 AM): and i saw lotr again

caffienatidjazz (12:11:25 AM): 2003 needs a kick in the balls now that it's down. i want bruised ribs and helium voiced ball busting kick to the nuts. i'm not lettin go. bastard.

Elbies14 (12:11:28 AM): and i smoked like a chimney and drank too much champagne for once and ihad the perfect dress and a fur coat and flip flops and a tiara.

caffienatidjazz (12:11:47 AM): i sat here waiting for something to explode

Elbies14 (12:11:57 AM): this is the seventeenth new years i havent kissed anyone at midnight

it doesn't even line up. fuck. guh.
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