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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 1-2-2004 at 7:13pm
Current mood: just...blah
Music: nothing
Subject: blah
hey. i havent updated in a while. oh well. i have been busy. there is too much that has happened lately to explain all of the details but i will try. well brian doesnt like me anymore...he likes brittanie (his best friends girlfriend...who s my best friend). that is kinda least i have him off of my back. danny made me feel REALLY bad last night...he said something to me that made me feel like an evil witch that deserved to die. yeah...i had a good long talk with brittanie about everything that is bugging me. that helped a lot. i think brian and danny are mad at me but danny says that neither of them are...but i dunno. i keep trying to call brian but nobody will answer his phone. I REALLY NEED TO TALK TO HIM. i have things i need to straighten out with him. anyways i g2g. i have issues to deal with. ttyl.

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