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LifelessLoverKML (profile) wrote,
on 1-3-2004 at 12:31am
Current mood: Angry/Sad/Hurt/Alone
Subject: Venting Time For Jordan!
So... yeah- I have some stuff that's bugging me that I need to get off my chest! This might sound retarded to some of you but it's important to me....

My Wonderful Boyfriend... The Korean.... OneTake...

He loves me... I love him... so who cares; everyone knos already right?

WELLL! *ALSO* If you didn't kno - Keegan has lots of friends that are gurls... and most of them he has dated or almost did date at one point in time. So I hope you understand me being just a little bit uncomfortable when he hangs out with them (when I can't be therr.)
Ok so maybe I'm being a bitch. Idk. But I just don't be comfortable with him and his *girl* friends (juss the ones I don't kno). So it starts:

He decides: He's going to Skate Estate (to dance) with his friend, Jessie, from Tennesee that is up in MI
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