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gator4life97 (profile) wrote,
on 1-3-2004 at 7:21pm
Current mood: ::shrug::
Music: The Insyderz
Subject: yea we're crazy...
This time last year, me and chelcy were snow skiing...well this year the family and us decided to go out in the boat...65 degree water we wakeboarded in...but hey now we know that the tower is amazing and will be great when it is hot!!!! man when u first hit that water...took ur breath away....definently didnt want 2 Dias was so was perfect...
Last night some of us went over to Tim's house to hang out...hangin by the pool and bonfire listening to ska surrounded by friends...i had a smile on my face :)...on our way home back from the middle of no where we stopped by to see matts new car and james...ive spent the last 3 days being with chels and it was great...ive really missed hanging out with her :)
Tonight the family went to see Cheaper by the Dozen...aww such a cute movie!!
dude last night...haha man ok so its midnight and im starting to feel sorry for myself...i got my hug from my hippo but then the milkshake song came on...well thats always humerous but then my phone starts ringing with some # i didnt know...i answer and some guy named "Hector" with a real bad accent answered...haha well he told mandy he had just come across the border and then he told me to meet him at Taco Bell today...whoever that kid was he made me laugh and ripped me out of the mood i was was great...

~*!i can sit here feeling sorry for myself wishing i was her...or i can continue living my life...knowing that she might have you, but also realizing my guy is out there 2 somewhere and one day i will find him...!*~
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