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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 1-4-2004 at 9:51am
Current mood: blah
Music: the sound of a mvie in the other room
Subject: nothing...just bored
im bored. not that any of u care but oh well. yeah i just woke up so i havent had time to really think about evrything or process everything that going on but oh well. today i have to clean the bathroom and try to finish by book for my book report. oooo fun! not. and im gonna work on my guitar. im teaching myself how to play. yes im happy because yesterday i was my normal persuasive self and i talked my mom into taking me to the music store so i could get an electronic tuner. its great...britt and i have been trying for like FOREVER to tune the stupid thing and we couldnt do it. but now i finally have a tuned guitar thanks to my QwikTune guitar tuner. lol. anywyas gonn teach myself how to play and then im gonna save up for an electric guitar. yeah brian called last night. i talked to him for a little while...not very long though...and britt called me back too. i thought she would be happier about my guitar than she was...after all she did kill her fingers helping me tune it and trying to tighten the god damn D string. anyways thats a whole 'nother story. yeah i talked to blondie online last night for a really long time. but yeah as soon as my mom is done in the shower im gonna take my and then im gonna clean the bathroom...or maybe i will wait to do that later. i dunno. and im gonna spend most of the day with my guitar. well i have stuff to do. ttfn.

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