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reigning (profile) wrote,
on 1-5-2004 at 5:44pm
Current mood: Sleepy
Music: System of a Down
She walked into her bedroom slow and lazily. Her steps were heavy and it felt like she was walking through an ocean. All at once, her knees gave way, causing her to tumble to the floor and catch herself just in time to stop her head from falling hard against the stiff floor. She softly set it down and laid motionless for several minutes. Her chest lay flat against the ground and she could feel her heart beating harsly. The consistant thumping ran throughout her entire body. She could even feel it in the floor that she rest on. The jagged heartbeat soothed her exhaustion and her eyelids began to weigh down. She permitted them their desire and closed her eyes. Her breathing became deep and level. In and out each breath came, in time with the beating of her heart. She lay in serenity, listening to and feeling her self-made lullaby drift away as sleep enclosed its envelope around her.
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