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CrazyBlondeOne (profile) wrote,
on 1-7-2004 at 8:05pm
Current mood: annoyed
Music: nothing
Subject: nothing
yeah. im bored. well things are kinda getting better with brian. its hard to explain everything. one of my friends wants to commit suicide. i mean...she can make me mad sometimes...really mad...but i still wouldnt forgive myself if she killed herself. i dont get it...why cant people see that tey ARE loved and that people WOULD miss them if they were gone. yeah...i have thought of it before and i almost did it...but i didnt and i wont...i love my friends and family too much to do that. brittanie isnt ignoring me anymore. so things are getting better with that situation. danny isnt making me made anymore. amanda annoys me at times but i deal with it...i just bite my finger and dont say anything back. things are getting better in ways...but worse in others. anyways i just hope things get better...soon.
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