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gator4life97 (profile) wrote,
on 1-8-2004 at 8:00pm
Current mood: confused...
Music: not my guiatrgjf...haha mandy...
Subject: its bugging me but i dont know what it is...
i did my math hw after school on a rock...
we got left at school..mandys mom forgot about us... piano tonight...learning how to play jazz so i can learn how to play with the jazz band at school woop woop! coffee this morning :) woohoo yea that woke me dang thing every single urgh day...besides now i have economics to fail...grand! softball try outs are one day soon...urhghgh joy to the world...mandy i played sissy ball to long im really bad lol
I bought cookie dough from a baseball player today...he wouldnt shut up till i i owe him 12 bucks... well i have nothing to write about...spilling what im thinking about would include knowing what im thinking but i dont know...not at bugged about day i will figure this out... maybe im just tired about life...i want like a lil monkey to stick in my head and take all my problems and sort them out for me...why a monkey...porque...

We are so the radderestitest mandy...haha dude im so pattening that word...
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