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blackcandynecklace (profile) wrote,
on 1-9-2004 at 7:09pm
Current mood: numb
Music: tv heh
Subject: real reality tv
I was watching a bunch of television since I’ve been in my room for the past 53 hours. I heard this on daria and it was kinda funny:

(daria’s mother) *phone call* “it was the school, you guys took a psychological test today?”

(quinn, her sister) “ wait they said we weren’t going to be graded”

(mother) “they want daira to take a special class for a couple weeks and then retake the test”

(quinn) “you failed a test?”

(mother) “she didn’t fail anything, daria just seems to have a little bad self esteem”

(daria’s dad) *yelling* “that really sucks daria!”

(mother) “honey? relax, focus..” “Daria, we tell you over and over again that your wonderful but” *yelling and pounding on table* “you just don’t get it”

(quinn) “is she gonna have a breakdown or something? cuz that could have really bad affects on my reputation. You know my friends…”

ok that’s all I can remember. Heh that show is sooo.. accurate. It’s funny how they make it seems like it’s an exaggeration, when really it’s how life really is in most homes, but the image is that its’ not like that and it’s only like that in a few homes so really what they want you to think is that the minority is the majority and that’s why the world is so fucked up : ) see I figured it out lol
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