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thestarsmaketwentyone (profile) wrote,
on 1-10-2004 at 4:34am
Current mood: tired
Music: Interpol; Caramels de Cianuro
Subject: Bellybellybelly
Meanwhile, I am still drug-free. This is good. This is nice. I can do this.

My internal Voices are starting to come back. I often have to go looking for them still, asking them what they want to say. But they are getting louder. How did I live without you, guys? Let's take over the world.


I wonder if anyone else in the world has noticed that Mimi, Push and Neogeen could be considered a triple goddess allegory for the MEKshop. Good stuff. Like Freud's Id, Ego and Superego. Like the Christian Holy Trinity. One is instinct, second is emotion and the third is reason. It is amazing to see how often this recurs, or alternatively how adept I am at creating pattern. I cannot identify my personal 'three', though. I tend to think of Chancey's Fleiy, Mayrot/Mirrue and Grope as a similar three, but that is at least partly my fault.

There is a book I need to find, that is cyberpunk. It is about the death of someone who is not really dead, and the friendship of three geniuses. It has references to a made-up comic book about a girl who has a bird-like friend who carries the fragments of it's hatching-shell around with it. It is run over by an invisible train. Eventually, the girl goes to hell. There is also a scene in the book about a high-tech bioweapon suit and a fortress undereath the ruins of a monestary, I think. Whoever ears the suit gets their arm chopped off in the process. There is a mausoleum that becomes a cinema. The cover I remember is very Giger-esque, of a woman's face. For some reason, I need this book. Help ;___;

Recently obsesserized: Happy New York/Seeds for the Pen. Some drawings made by a guy called Witold Riedel on New York subways.

The site of a pulp SF/fantasy author called Kim Newmann. At some point, I found some of his Dark Future books in a school library. It was just so fantastically different from anything I had ever read before. Krokadil Tears, I think. It was pretty cyberpunk. (w00)
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