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GxIoNxA (profile) wrote,
on 1-10-2004 at 8:50pm
Current mood: drunk
Well I haven't written in a few days. So here I go. Last night I went to the movies with Michelle, Kaitlin,Nick,Ryan and Angela. It was loads of fun. I picked up Ryan at his house and then we met everyone there. We saw the movie BIG FISH. It was the gayest movie ever cause I never could understand it. Then there was a fight With ICP and EMO. Someone got hurt cause there was an ambulance there thats that. Then we went to Johnny Rockets and then I went home around 11:00 or w/e. We had to take Ryan home. Today I went to Miramar and I drove a little my dad got pissed at me and took it away from me.Then we went to Publix and Subway yumm. Then he dropped me at Justines and we went to the Bike shop were her Mom made us wait outside. Then we went and picked up Matt. Then we went to Target. Then after that we came home and hung out. Her dad taught me YOGA. fun fun. Then I went with her mom to pick up the food.Which was chinsese ummm. Then my mom and dad came and picked me up and we went home and I got my clothes and now I'm spending the night.Now we are all craving ice cream and will probably go and get some.Then Matt will go home. Tomarrow we will go to the mall. FUNNNNNNN. Well thats that. I can't think of anything else to write. I'll write more tomarrow.BYE BYE
love yas
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